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I am a certified transformational coach. I am also an entrepreneur, wife, mother, sister, daughter, and friend.

My journey to understand and balance all these roles moved me through vital shifts in my own life. Based on my own journey, I have dedicated my career to supporting people to find and connect to their truth, voice their desires, and shift into alignment.

I have been teaching and coaching most of my life. Over the last six years, I have been laser focused on supporting hundreds of women through long-lasting, transformational change.

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I have dedicated my career to supporting people to find and connect to their truth, voice their desires, and shift into alignment. Explore how.

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The Adoration Project

The Adoration Project

The Adoration Project is a 6-session, 4-week virtual course taught Tuesday evenings twice a year via Zoom designed for courageous souls who are ready to come home to themselves.

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Love Notes

Melissa Kelley changes women's lives through the Adoration Project. Women are not taught to adore themselves or their lives--Melissa knows this in her soul and she also knows that when women learn how to do this, entire worlds open up.

I went through this program and it shifted how I feel about me, about my marriage, about my home...and about my life. My husband was actually so happy to see me stand strong in who I am. And making connections with other women in the group is priceless. I can feel alone in this crazy world sometimes--connecting with other women fills my cup to overflowing. Thank you, Melissa, for this world-changing work!

- Elijah Shannon-Selby

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Love Notes

The Adoration Project guided by Melissa Kelley is a beautiful invitation—not just to reconnect with yourself, but to fall in love with yourself. Melissa provided a beautiful and intimate group platform with relatable and powerful exercises (guided journaling, group discussions, and pair dialogues) that made it so easy and necessary to be grounded in devotion to myself and who I want to be. I'm so glad I committed to this in spite of the busy demands of my life.

Instead of letting family, work, and obligations be my EXCUSE NOT TO do this, I let all of the above precious parts of my life BE THE REASON I HAD TO do this work. And with Melissa and her magical, intuitive coaching, I was in the best hands possible. Thank you so much. Highly recommend.

- Kari Morin

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Love Notes

I was attracted to the idea that I could increase adoration in my life. It's not something I consciously think about a lot, and — really — I was intrigued that being an active participant in creating a life I adore would increase the joy in my life! And THAT felt VERY important.

Coming to this program every week, connecting with others also on this journey, and being able to have important conversations, plus learning effective tools to apply was eye-opening — and has been a very positive shift for me.

- Lissa James

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Love Notes

Melissa arrived right on time with The Adoration Project. Ending my day in community with the women in our group was a rejuvenating and therapeutic experience. The information we received from Melissa was skillfully presented as she gently coaxed us to consider the ways in which we can truly adore who we are as women, mothers, daughters, sisters, and friends.

I highly recommend working with Melissa if you're looking for a safe container to explore your inner goddess and create a life of peaceful prosperity

- Leah Davis

Lisa C

Love Notes

Melissa is a wonderful coach! After our time together I’ve seen so many shifts in my life. She empowered me to hold stronger firmer boundaries without feeling guilt!

This was so huge for me, something I’ve struggled with all my life and was never able to achieve without Melissa’s coaching! But that's not it, both my businesses have grown, money is flowing in, home life continues to get better.

Melissa’s support has been key in all this. Thank you for always holding me accountable and helping me vibe on a higher level week after week.

- Lisa C.

Valerie C

Love Notes

I started coaching with Melissa from a very 'stuck state'. I felt emotionally flat and professionally stagnant, and I was not taking care of myself. She helped me so much to tap into my personal voice.

Through our coaching together, I was able to connect with myself, which allowed me to shine personally and professionally.

I would recommend Melissa’s coaching when you are feeling stopped/stuck/stymied and ready to live into your personal power.

- Valerie C.

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