How Do We Get There From Here?

Melissa Kelley explores who we are, who we want to be, and how we get there from here through an evening of song and story.

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As presented 1/27/23 @ Columbus Dance Theater in Columbus, OH.

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What Audience Members Are Saying

“Melissa Kelley 's show was a beautiful, talented, and riveting tribute to how we, as humans, live with instead of in opposition to change, loss, love and hope. It was a reflection on the trials and triumphs of last year, the friendships made and a call to action to action to stand up for trans families. I cried through half of it. It was that good!”
Jeanne O.
"Masterful. A journey of love, heartache, awakenings and pure joy. Melissa Kelley's power performance hits every note. Stunning vocals, smart staging and the perfect flow.  Be ready to tap your toes, get goosebumps and shed a tear. "
Kathryn S.

Artist Statement

As long as I can remember, I have made art to make sense of life.

Art asks life’s big questions. It helps us to pause. To feel. To think. To wonder. If we’re lucky, it might even point us to some answers.

I am so curious about why people do what they do, why we behave the way we do, and how and when we seek connection. Connection seems to be the one thing that we all desire to have, and there are so many things that get in the way of that.

Take for example, the binary. The idea that there are only two possibilities: this OR that. Conceptually, it simplifies things, but, when viewed through a binary lens, life loses its nuance and complexity, and, dare I say, we lose our humanity.

Humans are complicated creatures. None of us are all or nothing. We contain multitudes. We are the heroes, the villains, and even the bystanders in our stories. Which character do you most often play? What story are you telling? Is it the one you want to be creating? If not, how could you change it? How do you get there from here? Are you willing to take the journey?

More About The Show

Music by: Lin-Manuel Miranda, David Shire, Benny Andersson, Tim Rice, Bjorn Ulvaeus, Sara Bareilles, Jule Styne, John Kander, Jason Robert Brown, Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez, Marcy Heisler & Zina Goldrich, and Stephen Sondhiem.

Performed by: Melissa Kelley Directed by: Ryan Scarlata Vocal Music Director: Laura Portune Cordell Accompanist: Wendy Foster Producer: Melissa Kelley and VITAL Shift, LLC. Associate Producer: Nicolette Montana

Recommended for ages 14+ due to mature subject matter. Content warning: this performance contains brief mentions of topics that could be distressing to folx sensitive to deadnaming, anti-trans/LGBTQIA legislation, and hate crimes. This cabaret was performed with full permission of my daughter, Willow.