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What is Shift U.? Shift U. is the educational arm of VITAL Shift, LLC. Anything created to shift your thoughts and shift your life pretty much falls under this umbrella.

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As a thank you for signing up, I have recorded this meditation for you. I hope you enjoy it. 

Meditation for (re)connection

I created this meditation to allow me to become aware of the different wisdom systems my body holds: Intellectual, Emotional, and Physical. Each one has unique features and provides a different experience when we operate from it. Becoming aware of each system, how it works for us, and how connected we are to it will allow us to become more practiced and live less and less on autopilot.

Before you dive in, I want to provide some gentle, loving reminders about meditation. There are as many ways to practice meditation as there are people. I invite you to resist the temptation to require meditation to look a certain way in order for it to be effective for you. I invite you to allow your process to unfold naturally, without judgment.

The recording is in two parts so that, after you listen to it in its entirety, you may skip to the meditation directly if you would like re-visit it. It will autoplay through each section seamlessly when you play the introduction.

I’d love to hear what comes up for you as you listen, so if you’re willing to share, send me an email at

Please note: if you have any issues listening to the recording, please try listening in Google Chrome. 

Intro to Meditation

(Re)Connection Meditation