The Adoration Project

The house was finally quiet.

It was late. I was, of all things, leaning over the sink, hand-washing dishes. I was replaying the day in my mind. Thinking about all the beautiful, brave women I know suffocating under the weight of the shifting world. So many of them just existing. Going through the motions. My heart ached for them knowing they deserved better. And so do I.

That’s what started the The Adoration Project

Mother. Wife. Sister. Daughter. Colleague. Friend. Boss. You wear a million hats and do it all with a smile.

You’ve always been a Giver. Now, it’s time to Receive.

Happy Young Woman

When did you feel the nudge of knowing that there was more than this provincial life?

Do you see yourself in the Disney characters your kids watch, the empowered and daring women who do brave and adventurous things? Do you see them and wonder “where did that spark go?”

When did the voice of “is this it?” enter your mind? Was it while hovering over dishes, running kids to soccer practice, or making your spouse dinner? Did you hear it over the hum of the printer at work?

You know that there has to be more to life. You crave meaningful experiences for yourself and your beloved.

What is The Adoration Project?

The Adoration Project is a 4-week virtual course taught Tuesday evenings, during March 2021 via Zoom. It will take you directly from “is this all there is?” to living your dreams.

The Adoration Project is a four-part virtual series designed for courageous souls who are ready to increase the love they experience for themselves, their partners (or future partners), and their families.

Prepare for the March of Love

For the first 4 Tuesday’s in March, we’ll gather together via Zoom to unlock the truths of who you are, what you want, and how to make it happen. Release old limiting beliefs and blocks. Let go of what no longer serves you.

If you want more support moving forward, The Adoration Project continues in a monthly mastermind beginning March 30th, 2021.

Woman smiling, adoring her life

What does it take to be adored?

How do you know you’re ready?

My mission in life is to (re)connect you with your inner desires and show you how to live them again.

My name is Melissa Kelley and I am a Transformational Coach focused on women whose sparkle has dulled.

The Adoration Project is my love story for you, taught in 4-parts of mattering, self-care, romantic love, and familial love. Each week, during a live virtual facilitation, we will uncover what’s holding you back and reveal who you really are, the you who shone through before life got in the way.

The truth is, too many women just like you (and me) sacrificed our dreams for the needs, expectations, and desires of those around us. We forgot what made our hearts beat faster and our brains light up with ideas and creativity and that rush of realizing our dreams.

That may be the current storyline, but it doesn’t need to be your ending. You get to choose. More of the same or more of your dreams?

Together, let’s unravel the tale you’ve told and begin living your dreams.

Melissa Kelley
Woman having fun splashing in the water

Have the life of your dreams…and more.

Empowered, inspired, and aligned with your values, passions, and beliefs—it is possible.

Block these dates in your calendar, immediately.

Calls last approximately 60 minutes with a live coaching immediately following. All live calls are recorded, so if you can’t make it in person you will be able to listen to the recording when it’s convenient for you.

What’s the big dream you put on hold for your life?

How much longer are you willing to wait? If you’re eager to reconnect to play, explore curiosity, and examine dreams…The Adoration Project is for you.

In one month of focused commitment to adoring your life, you will:

The time is now.

Happy older woman sitting casually

What My Clients Say

“I see my life in two parts. Before The Adoration Project and after. I was stuck in the routine of going through the motions and not really expecting more. I forgot how to dream. The Adoration Project revealed theparts of me that I’d hidden away, closeted while I lived my “mom life.” I surrendered to parenthood and forgot my individuality. This course showed me I could do both. I am forever grateful.”


“Melissa is surely a masterful coach. She was super intuitive and allowed me the space to open up and explore ideas and possibilities that I never had before. She really held the space for me that I was needing. Loved this experience and can’t wait for my next session with her.”

Beth B.

“Melissa did a tremendous job unraveling beliefs I held about myself and helping me to reframe them in a new way. Helping me to develop action steps so I can continue to move forward to achieve the result of being the best version of myself and the person I envision being in life.”

Kristen L.